Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mid December Update

In math we have begun multiplication of decimals.  We started with a review of how decimals can be represented on grid models and moved into an activity involving the money/decimal connection. Last week we used the Explain Everything App to create projects that demonstrated the process for solving a word problem with multiple steps.

In reading we are learning to write non-fiction text summaries using the Alpha-Box Strategy.  This strategy involves creating a grid with boxes, each containing a letter of the alphabet.  As the reader comes across a word that would be useful for summarizing they put that word in the proper box.  So, if you were reading about volcanoes, as we did today, you might come across the word "erupt" in your reading.  That word goes in the E box of your Alpha Box.  Later, after reading, you take your gathered words and include them in your summary.

Writing time has focused on poetry and free writes.  Today we began informational writing, although we have had some experience with this form of writing from our work writing Metro-Zoo News reports.

Today in science we finished up a topic outline on invertebrates and played an animal sort game to reinforce newly learned concepts.