Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a good holiday.  I look forward to seeing you at your scheduled conference time.  Everyone has a scheduled conference.  If you are unsure of your time please let me know.  I will be sending home a conference reminder note Wednesday to those who have not received one yet.

In math we are working on division with two digit divisors. We have used the Explain Everything app twice to create captivating iPad presentations that demonstrate the problem solving process as it relates to division word problems.

In ELA, our work in guided reading has focused on learning strategies to become better at summarizing non-fiction and researching.  We have learned how to take notes on index cards.  We have also learned the Sketch to Stretch strategy.  This strategy involves making a sketch for every given number of paragraphs read and then using your sketches to help you write your summary.  We are also busy writing free choice stories and poetry.

In science we are reflecting on our completed Design Process Projects.  We will share them with the 3rd grade on Wednesday morning.  We are also writing Metro City Zoo descriptive writing pieces that involve taking the role of a newspaper journalist reporting on an animal that escaped from the zoo.

Friday, November 7, 2014

November Update

Hi Parents,

It is hard to believe we have come so far this quickly.  It seems like Daylight Savings Time ends earlier each year!

In math we are dividing three digit dividends by one digit divisors.  We have been engaged in many cooperative activities in math, from the creating of math posters to taking part in math games that reinforce the skills that are being taught through our enVision Math Program.

In ELA we have just learned the Key Word Strategy in our guided reading groups.  The children are identifying 2-3 important words from each part of a non-fiction text and then writing a summary about their reading using those words. I am pleased with their results!  We are also busy writing narrative animal poems.  These poems require the use of similes and metaphors.  Each poem also uses information the children have researched about a chosen animal through the use of their iPads.

In Science we formed Design Teams and planned out our animal cage projects. The children are now building their cages.  The cages should be completed by next Friday.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend.  The next school day for students is Wednesday, November 12th.