Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Concert Gifts

The fifth grade team is asking families to consider sending in $2-$3 for Spring Concert Gifts for Ms. Coroniti, Ms. Calihou, and Mr. Napiorkowski. Any donation would be greatly appreciated.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Survival Day and Other News

Fifth Grade will take part in Survival Day on Thursday, April 17th.  It is important that every student bring back a signed permission slip for this activity.  All students are also required to wear long pants and boots to take part in this event.

The Fifth Grade as a whole worked on publishing their research papers on human body systems this week.  The children worked on adding bibliographies, text boxes, illustrations and diagrams to their papers.  It was clear that the kids enjoyed this project and took pride in a job well done.

Our math class learned about dividing decimals this week. We worked on a challenging word problem this morning that had the children figuring out the better buy on two different grocery store items.

April is National Poetry Month!  In our homeroom class we wrote poems that imitated the style of the poet Mark Strand in his poem "Sleeping with One Eye Open".

In ELA we have been meeting in guided reading groups to practice answering open response questions on non-fiction text.  We are focusing on how to pick the most relevant details to support our topic sentences as well as strategies for how to effectively quote a text.

In science we completed our MCAS science review packets.  We will continue to review and reinforce test taking strategies up to the time of the actual test in May.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mr. Norman's ELA CLASS- Reader's Notebooks due Friday

Please check the homework section of the blog.  There are several homework assignments due this week.