Saturday, September 16, 2017

An Exciting Start to the New School Year!

With only two weeks of school completed its hard to believe how much we have already accomplished.  A week ago the fifth grade had a "Friendship Friday".  During the afternoon, children from Mrs. Lee's, Jaffe's, Norman's, and Raymond's classes worked together to design posters that demonstrated their understanding of friendship.  They shared these posters at our recent school assembly on Belonging.  The children have also worked together to create and draft a 5th Grade Classroom Constitution that has been signed and hung on each teacher's door.  Below are a few pictures of children working together on Friendship Friday and sharing their visions of friendship.

In terms of academics we have now officially begun our enVision math program.  We are studying place value from the billions through the thousandths. In class we are using manipulatives (base ten blocks)  and visual aides (place value charts) to make place value concepts clearer.  Below is a photo of the children engaged in a place value game.  The objective of the game is to say and write the numbers formed by the placement of the markers on the charts.  The student with the largest number after each of their markers has been placed is the winner!

In science we are hard at work observing.  Children are observing details in shells and leaves using magnifying lenses.  They are sketching and writing what they observe.

In language arts we are writing about our Hopes and Dreams for the new school year.  We are learning and applying the strategies required to be an active reader.

I've enjoyed meeting homeroom parents at our Back to School Conferences.  I look forward to our year together.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Everyone!  I'm looking forward to working with you to make this school year exciting and productive.  I hope you will take the time to familiarize yourself with this blog.  Across the top of the page are tabs with links to homework and important online instructional resources.  The right sidebar includes links to the other 5th grade teachers' blogs as well as interesting educational websites.  I have sent home a sign up sheet for Back-To-School Conferences.  Please sign up and return this form to school with your child.  These conferences are brief 10 minute sessions designed to help me get to know your child as a learner. If none of the times listed on the form work for you let me know and we will schedule an alternate time.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Fox Hill School Robotix Club

Below is a highlight video highlighting the Fox Hill School Robotix Club. Members of this club met in May and June after school and learned the fundamentals of computer programming through building robots wit Lego Mindstorm kits. Students learned how to do basic programming and they had the opportunity to use their problem-solving, critical thinking, and computational thinking skills. This was a wonderful enrichment experience for the students and they thoroughly enjoyed the chance to program a robot!